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Greek Landscapes is an independent and unbiased travel guide to Greece.

It is not affiliated with any travel agent, hotel, or travel entity, and it does not sell travel services.

Greek Landscapes is made by independent travelers for independent travelers; to bring the magic to those who cannot be there, and to help those who plan to travel to Greece.

"Greek Landscapes" refers to the natural, historical, and cultural landscapes of Greece, and as such it represents the physical beauty as well as the rich history and culture that makes the country a unique place to visit.

What you will find here: Independent, free, and unbiased advice.

What you will find Here

In our pages you will find free, independent, and unbiased advice about Greek travel destinations, and reliable information about places we have visited in person. It's a resource for independent travelers.

you will Not find Here

We are not a travel agent disguised as a travel guide, so we do not include promotion for hotels, restaurants, and other attractions. The ads on our pages pay for expenses (server, etc) and have no influence on the content.


The website began in 1998 with pages lingering on free servers, but the domain name greeklandscapes.com was finally established in 2002.

Thanks to our loyal visitors who appreciate impartial travel advice, the site has grown to one of the most popular and trusted travel guides to Greece. GreekLandscapes.com receives over 1.5 million unique visitors annually.


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Greek Landscapes.com is owned by Thomas Sakoulas who grew up in Greece and has traveled extensively around the world. He is a Professor and Chair of the Art department at the State University of New York at Oneonta. The co-author and editor, Maria, is an avid traveler and a Spanish teacher.

Unless otherwise noted, all articles have been edited by the above co-authors, and are the result of their on-site visits.

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